Michael Brecker, Ernie Watts, Don Weller, Peter King, Paquito D'Riviera, Tony Lakatos, Rick Keller belong to the top saxophonists of the US and  Europe. The saxophone solos offered in the workshop are excerpts from the listed CD's/tunes. The related transcriptions may serve for stylistic studies. 

Above that work from various other excellent musicians and composers will be introduced (clips 2 min.).

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Transcription of Michael Brecker's Sax Solo auf Delta City Blues (incl. theme, without intro) 1/10/2008
Transcription of Tony Lakatos' sax solo on Osteria 8/15/2004
Transcription of Michael Brecker's sax solo on Sozinhi 8/21/2003
Transcription of  Rick Keller's sax solo on GreenPiece, see video on his site 7/13/2003
Transcription of  Micheal Brecker's sax solo on In The Presence of... Part 1 4/02/2003
Transcription of Michael Brecker's sax solo on My Favorite Things, Al Jarreau, Tenderness, feat. Kathleen Battle 3/16/2003
Transcription of In The Presence of... Part1 theme, played by Micheal Brecker 2/22/2003

Porgy and Bess, new album by Tony Lakatos and the Frankfurt Radio Bigband under download 1 (2011)

Coltrane Hartman Fantasy, new album by Kevin Mahogany and Tony Lakatos under download 7 (2011)

Cinq, new album by Joe Haider under download 7 (2010)

Forward, new album by Diego Pinera under download 6 (2010)

SON MADOL, link to the site of my latin fusion octet. (Oct. 2007)

Funk Tango, new album by Paquito D'Rivera under Download 6 (2007)

The Way You're Going To Look Tomorrow Morning, new album by Don Weller under Download 4

Abril No Rio, new album by Mantigo under Download 2 (Okt. 2003)