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Coltrane Hartman Fantasy Vol 1. is a fantastic album by vocalist Kevin Mahogany und saxophonist Tony Lakatos, released by Skip Records in April 2010, with Thomas Rückert on piano, Henning Gailing on bass and Martijn Vink on drums.

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The Coltrane Hartman Fantasy Vol. 1

SKP 9093-2

(1/7) Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home AnyPlaceIHang.wma
(2/7) Interlude Interlude.wma
(4/7) I Want To Talk About You IWantToTalk.wma
(7/7) My Little Brown Book MyLittleBrown.wma

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Cinq is a wonderful album, that has been recorded in 2008 in the Radio Studio Zurich with Joe Haider on piano, Claus Reichstaller on trumpet, Tony Lakatos on tenor saxophone, Giorgos Antoniou on bass and Keith Copeland on drums.

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TCB 28942

(1/8) Immediately (Joe Haider)  
(6/8) Fujiama (Claus Reichstaller)  
(7/8) Une Petite Vulse (Brigitte Dietrich)  
(8/8) Joe's Funky Blues (Joe Haider)  

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