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Funk Tango is the title of Paquito D'Rivera's new CD. Taking a look on the list of performing musicians with Paquito DíRivera (alto saxophone, clarinet), Diego Urcola (trumpet, trombone), Hector del  Curto  (bandoneon), Fernando Otero (piano [5]), Ed Simon (piano [1,10]), Alon Yavnai (piano), Oscar Stagnaro (bass), Mark Walker (drums), Pernell Saturnino (percussion), Pablo Stagnaro (cajon solo), you understand the question mark in the title 'Paquito D'Rivera Quintet? Funk Tango'.


Album Nr. / Total / Name Windows Media Audio
Funk Tango (1/11) Pere Pere.wma (775Kb)
(3/11) Riverado Riverado.wma (766Kb)
(5/11) Milonga 10 Milonga.wma (819)
(7/11) Funk Tango Funktango.wma (793)


Forward is the second trio album, which Diego Pinera, drummer from Uruguay now living in Berlin, recorded in his home town Montevideo. Released 2009 under the label El Ptero Verde, bass legend Popo Romano is performing again. New on the piano is Pablo Marichal, and as special guest saxophonist Eddy Porchile is performing on two tracks. Besides his extraordinary and passionate drum playing, Diego Pinera also shows his competence as composer on this album.

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Album Nr. / Total / Name Windows Media Audio
Forward (3/8) Funky Lady FunkyLady.wma
(5/8) Forward Forward.wma
(7/8) Blues For Diego BluesForDiego.wma
(8/8) Melancholia Melancholia.wma