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Pilgrimage is the title of Michael Brecker's final recording session released in May 2007, featuring Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau, Pat Metheny, John Patitucci and Jack DeJohnette.

Album Nr. / Total / Name Windows Media Audio
Pilgrimage (1/9) The Mean Time MeanTime.wma (799Kb)
(2/9) Five Months from Midnight 5MfMidnight.wma (744Kb)
(8/9) Loose Threads LooseThreads.wma (819Kb)
(9/9) Pilgrimage Pilgrimage.wma (755Kb)



The Long Road Home is the title of an Earnie Watts album, that was recorded live on two track in 1996, featuring Kenny Barron (piano), Reggy Workman (acoustic bass), Mark Whitfield (electic guitar) und Carmen Lundy (vocals)

Album Nr. / Total / Name Windows Media Audio
The Long Road Home (1/9) Lover Man LoverMan.wma (773Kb)
(2/9) At The End Of My Rope EoMyRope.wma (813Kb)
(5/9) Birds Idea BirdsIdea.wma (740Kb)
(6/9) The Long Road Home LRoadHome.wma (768Kb)
(9/9) Moonlight And Shadows MoonLight.wma (921Kb)