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Porgy and Bess, a double CD released 2009 on Skip Records with Jörg Achim Keller's great arragements played by the Frankfurt Radio Bigband, shows the terrific solistic spectrum of Tony Lakatos on saxophon.

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Porgy and Bess

SKP 9085-2

(1/19) Introduction PBIntro.wma
(4/19) A Woman Is A Sometime Thing PBaWoman.wma
(6/19) The Killling PBKilling.wma
(9/19) It Ain't Necessarily So PBItAint.wma

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On his new album Gypsy Colours (2005) Tony Lakatos is linking the two worlds of Hungarian gypsy music and jazz. All of the musicians involved in the production, like Szakcsi Bela Lakatos (piano), Roby Lakatos (violine) and Ferenc Snetberger (acoustic guitar), come from old Hungarian gypsy families with centuries of music tradition.

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Gypsy Colours (2/10) Matilem Matilem.wma (868Kb)
(3/10) Bebop Csardas BCsardas.wma (784Kb)
(4/10) Relaxing At The Coffee House CoffeeHouse.wma (806Kb)

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Tony Lakatos, saxophonist und composer, born in Hungaria, now lives near Frankfurt. He recorded a wonderful album together with Randy Brecker in New York in 1997.

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Generation X (7/9) Chelsea Bridge cbridge.wma (671Kb)
(8/9) Barney Rose brose.wma (518Kb)

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